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A Bespoke Security alarm system with its state of the art equipment is the perfect defense for your commercial space and business. With detection devices such as motion detectors, magnetic door sensors. And warning devices like siren + strobe combos to alert others of a break in to name a few, it will be everything you need to feel your premise is secure.

With the added option of having your security system monitored, you will always have Bespoke Security & Screens watching over your business, even when the promises is vacant..

Did you know, industry leaders say that burglars are 3 times more likely to target a business without a security system. This means that simply having a commercial security system always keeps you safer, even if an alarm is never triggered. Not only this, you may be entitled to a discount on your insurance premium. That to us is a win, win..

commercial alarm kits

Commercial alarm kits

Standard kits consisting of everything you need to get your business alarmed. Components such as an Alarm Control Panel, Keypad, 3 motion detectors, to catch unwanted movement and a internal siren, an external siren+strobe combo, battery back up incase the power goes out to alert others. A great starting platform that can be built on to your needs and requirements. Request a Security Advisor consultation for all the info.

Bespoke Security Brochure Bespoke Security Brochure (34788 KB)

Alarm App Alarm App (2334 KB)

Optional extras

oled keypad

OLED keypads

OLED keypads are a great option to help lift the aesthetics of the alarm keypad. Why not make the keypad a nice feature to your entryway or reception. With it’s glass face, illuminated buttons and OLED screen it looks fantastic… The OLED screen gives the added ability to be completely user friendly with follow the prompts style functionality. Super easy to train staff.

Do you have large area space with multiple entry points such as a office/warehouse space? Why not add an additional keypad or multiple to your alarm system for the perfect convenience.

This feature also allows you for example to keep the office space secure and alarmed, whilst workers, sub contractors, or delivery drivers can disarm a warehouse or particular area separately. Great Feature.

Alarm OLED Keypad Alarm OLED Keypad (648 KB)

360 degree motion detectors

360 degree motion detectors

These units are great for large open areas.

Areas such as garage spaces, sheds, open plan living areas*, office spaces, and places where a corner mounted sensor just would be able to perform properly due to shelving or things of the like.

door window magetic switches

Door and window magnetic switches

These nifty little devices are one of the original ways alarms where installed, and to this day they still carry a great weight with functionality.

These are great for those doors or windows that are rarely open, or are in location where a motion detector just cant really do the trick. Doors such as garage rear man doors, front entry doors that are rarely used and distant from the keypad, laundry doors just to name a few. Low cost and super secure.

roller door magnetic switch

Roller door magnetic switch

Does your commercial space have a roller door?

These roller door reed switches are the perfect guard against un-wanted lifting of the roller door and taking what’s behind it away. Perfect for warehouse spaces where motion detectors just can perform due to large spaces, shelving or racking, or internal fit outs.

motion detectors

Motion detectors for additional rooms

Motion detectors are the modern day alarm standard feature. They are smart with features such as pet immunity, anti-masking, infra-red detection. They are the watchful eye of your rooms, office, or any space and belongings while you are away.

With a extra motion detector or several, you can have completed coverage of your entire business in no time.

professional alarm monitoring

Professional Alarm Monitoring

Professional Alarm monitoring is in our opinion the ultimate alarm upgrade.

This great cellular unit takes your alarm online with our monitoring station to protect your home while it is vacant. Being cellular if the power goes out, or the phone lines are cut or down, this unit keeps on working as intended. In fact it will inform the control room if the power has gone out and if it has been restored again. In turn will then inform you so you know exactly what’s happening and what to do… With low cost’s of around $1.80 a day this unit literally pays for itself with some insurers offing great discounts just for having one.

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