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With it’s seamless design and un-paralleled strength over it’s competitors, Prowler Proof Welded diamond grilles may look at a glance similar to others but upon a closer look you will find some key differences. Firstly the fully welded frame gives not only superior strength and durability, but gives a sleeker and cleaner look with no seams or joints at the corners, and no relying on a couple of screws or rivets to hold your screen together. Secondly, the grille is welded to the frame, and not held in by a peace of trim and some rivets. Thus creating a virtual single peace, for maximum reliability. Sometimes you may wish to have the grille black to help you eyes focus past the grille. For this Prowler Proof has developed using a unique production process only achievable in their world class factory, the SnapLock option. This option allows you to colour match the frame of your security screen to a colour of your choosing, whilst keeping the diamond grille itself black, all while retaining strength, reliability and durability.

diamond welded large

Welded Diamond Large our most popular style.

diamond welded small

Welded Diamond Small with smaller openings in the mesh.

diamond snaplock large

SnapLock Diamond Large with the same performance as welded.

diamond snaplock small

SnapLock Diamond Small with smaller openings in the mesh.

With two Diamond Grille options available , Small Diamond slightly more secure or Large Diamond which is slightly more economical we can meet any requirement.

Prowler Proof Diamond security screens are available as hinge doors, sliding doors and window screens, custom-made to your home. You have 300 colours to choose from, as well as a range of manufactured options. Bespoke Security & Screens can guide you through the many options and help you make the right decisions.

diamond screen

Australian Standards

Did you know there are Australian Standards for the way screens are installed.. Even though the screens you purchase may adhere to standards, if they are not installed correctly and to standard, they could be rendered useless. Security screens can be a real investment to your home, don’t take the risk of non compliant installation.

diamond security single door

Hinged Doors

With its welded, seamless corners Prowler Proof Diamond is Australia’s strongest and best looking diamond hinge door.

diamond security single doors
diamond security sliding door

Sliding Doors

The beautiful seamless corners are more noticeable on sliding doors than on any other Prowler Proof Diamond product.

diamond security sliding doors
diamond security window screen

Window Screens

The seamless corners make Prowler Proof Diamond the strongest and best looking diamond window screen in Australia. 

diamond security window screens

Diamond Options

diamond hinge door locking points

Triple locking points

petway hopper hatch

Petway hopper hatch

petway pet door

Petway pet door

diamond port hole

Port hole

diamond pet door

Prowler Proof Pet Door

diamond solid half panel

Solid half panel

diamond mid rail

Mid rail

Diamond is one of the strongest security screens on the market...

The six separate tests comprising the Australian Standards Security Test (AS 5039) were all passed with ease. The 1,000 hour neutral and acetic acid salt spray tests (AS 2331) were not much of a challenge either. Mosquitoes and other insects are kept outside thanks to the fine holes in the solid aluminium sheet. Only fresh air and daylight gets past Protec…

diamond security


forcefield bush fire

Bush Fire

diamond corrosion


diamond insect protection

Insect Protection

diamond access control

Access Control

diamond fall prevention

Fall Prevention

Diamond Colours

All Prowler Proof Diamond products come in 50 standard colours and another 250 optional colours. There is no extra delivery time and only a small premium on optional colours.

diamond standard colours

Dulux Colour Selector Dulux Colour Selector (1106 KB)

Dulux Exterior Residential Powder Coating Colours Dulux Exterior Residential Powder Coating Colours (1703 KB)

Duratec X15 Colour Card Duratec X15 Colour Card (1112 KB)

Fluroset X25 Colour Card Fluroset X25 Colour Card (851 KB)

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