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A Bespoke Security Intercom system is a great addition to any home or office. Giving you the ability to communicate with visitors to your home or office, at your front door or even at your front gate. In conjunction with the use of an electric strike you can hit the door release button on the intercom and let them in from where you stand. Maybe even better still, decide to not let them in.

With the video intercom option your visitor will be displayed automatically and you can view who it is without them even knowing you are there.

Bespoke Security Brochure Bespoke Security Brochure (34788 KB)

Access Control Brochure Access Control Brochure (2367 KB)

jo colour video intercom

JO colour video intercom

Superior quality, touch button control and door release. This sleek glass face 7’ screen intercom is just what you need to visually see and communicate with who is at the front gate or door. With the add on addition of a extra monitor makes it perfect for two story homes with the extra station up stairs.

Intercom JO Series Video Intercom JO Series Video (1389 KB)

jp colour video intercom

JP colour video intercom

All the smarts built into a compact, modern designed glass face monitor, This unit has touch screen control, inter home communication between monitors and a build in handset for minimal disturbance when required. With maximums of 4 door stations and 8 Monitors, this system is perfect for the homes with multiple entry points and when multiple room monitors are required.

Intercom JM Series Video Intercom JM Series Video (5991 KB)

audio intercom

Audio only intercom

Whether it’s to help fit within the budget, and you just don’t have the requirement of having to see who is at the door, this no fuss, single purpose audio only intercom is that handy addition to the living area.

Intercom Audio Only Intercom Audio Only (939 KB)

Optional extras

stainless steel keypads

Stainless steel keypads

Upgrade to flush mount stainless steel door station for the ultra sleek look to your front fence.

door release

Door release

Wire in your intercom to release the front entry of your home or office to give access through the door right from where you stand.

Or even have the wire extended out to a front gate for the same functionality.

additional monitor installed

Additional monitors (video only)

This is great if you have a two story home, a large office or warehouse space where it would just be super convenient to have the ability to communicate to the front door from where you are currently.

On systems such as our JM system, you can even communicate between monitors for the great inter building communication.

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