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Security Doors and Screens for Daisy Hill home

This home boasts grand open features, with 2 sets of gorgeous oversized stacking doors within its main living area.

The photos really don't express the size of these doors, with each of the 4 panels spanning a width of 1500mm and a height of 2650mm. YES, that's 2650mm tall! They are definitely pushing the boundaries of screen manufacturing. However, Bespoke Security calling on years of industry experience and utilising Prowler Proof ForceField screens, not only where able to accept the challenge, but where able to supply them without mid-rails, while still retaining industry leading quality, security and an unmatched complete replacement 10 year Warranty. Removing the mid-rail gives an un-obstructed view to the outside entertaining area and beautiful hinterland.

Also utilised on this job, unique to our security doors, are the all new concealed fix interlocks. These interlocks maximise strength with extended interlocking plates, whilst complementing the seamless beautiful finish of the welded frames by retaining all fasteners behind a specially designed cover plate.

And take a look at the gorgeous home office window setup. Intelligently utilising a half height stacking door has given this client an ultimate view of the surrounding hinterland in Daisy Hill. Our client came to us wanting a option to screen this to protect from intruders, both of the small and of the human kind, but did not want to obstruct their view. But with a approximate sizing of over 2.5m wide and 1.5m high this wasn't going to be easy. Bespoke Security Screens, utilising the build strength and quality of Prowler Proof unmatched by others, allowed us to install a the massive window screen without the need of a vertical mullion up the centre. That accompanied by the seamless frames and attention to detail at install, the fixings for this screen are hidden and virtually un-noticeable.

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