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Security System for Commercial Warehouse Space

Bespoke Security & Screens recently completed a total security overhaul and new installation at this newly renovated commercial/warehouse space of a great up and coming building company. Specification of the work was for total security coverage. So Bespoke Security & Screens designed a tailored package perfect for this client.  

Equipment included were things such as a monitored alarm system, a camera system containing 7 high quality IP cameras for full coverage of the front, rear, car park, and warehouse space, a monitor installed within one of the offices inside, and the ability to be accessed remotely via the clients mobile devices, along with months worth of local recording. This was also accompanied by an access control system to give complete control of their building access with the ability to add or remove access tags at the click of the mouse.

We altered the front entry along with a warehouse entry door from a swing bolt style lock to a commercial latching option with an electric strike installed for maximum ease of functionality via the access control system. And with this, the reception area stays unlocked throughout business hours and automatically locks at closing time.

For information on how to secure your business, give us a call for a free estimate.

(Please note, for security reasons the images on the installed monitor have been blurred)


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